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Enhanced with the AXIO-LINK technology, the Al., Ella., Dot., Com. and Luk. mirrors set a new and upgraded standard for daily beauty routines for both men and women. It is now time for the mirror to follow users’ preferred and ergonomically correct postures during their self-grooming tasks. All five lines of our mirrors have been equipped with the AXIO-LINK mechanism and most of them with a LED light to refine overall user experience. Finally, each mirror has been uniquely styled to match different design expectations and lifestyles. Each model’s shape is also patent pending.

innovative mirrors

Throughout our lives we spend approximately 25,000 hours in front of a mirror. Due to conventional bathroom settings most people are forced to adopt an array of awkward and unnatural bent postures when using a fitted mirror. This can lead to reduced precision in performing basic bathroom tasks or even trigger unpleasant back pains. These problems have been falsely regarded as standard, mostly due to the lack of effective product solutions on the market.

Miior saw this situation as an opportunity. After nearly 2 years of research & development, we are proud to release a series of patented mirrors enhanced with the AXIO-LINK technology. AXIO-LINK is a revolutionary patented hinge mechanism that allows the user to change and adjust the distance between the mirror’s reflective surface and the wall which it is mounted on. As a result, it is now the mirror that follows the user’s preferred ergonomic stance! Basic activities performed in front of a mirror now become effortless, efficient, and precise, setting a new enhanced standard for the daily facial routine.
The AXIO-LINK technology has been implemented in the Al., Ella., Dot., Com. and Luk. mirrors.