Miior is a Warsaw-based, interior-oriented company focused on rethinking the ordinary. Through our unique product development approach and high manufacturing standards, we create clever and functional objects for a beautiful, welcoming home. There are as many ways of looking at things as there are people. Acknowledging this simple fact gave us a chance to come up with fresh solutions for products which so often seem immune to any improvements. Miior's tight knit team have been putting their efforts into approaching everyday rituals from a fresh perspective, looking for opportunities to make them more efficient and exciting at the same time. We combine big ideas and barely noticeable, yet revolutionary high-end features in order to present you with a new quality vision of home. made by miior.


Following your posture - ergonomic mirrors enhanced with AXIO-LINK® technology. Throughout our lives we spend approximately 25,000 hours in front of a mirror. Due to conventional bathroom settings most people are forced to adopt an array of awkward and unnatural bent postures while using a fitted mirror. This can lead to reduced precision in performing basic bathroom tasks or even trigger unpleasant back pains. These problems have been falsely regarded as standard, mostly due to the lack of effective product solutions on the market. Miior's flagship products are inventive extendable mirrors, equipped with the AXIO- LINK® technology and a touch- sensitive or automatic LED light switch to refine the overall user experience. Each model’s has been uniquely styled in order to match different design expectations and lifestyles. Each mirror's shape is also registered utility model. Al., Ella. and Dot. mirrors set a new upgraded standard for daily beauty routines for both men and women.


AXIO-LINK® is a patented revolutionary hinge mechanism that allows the user to change and adjust the distance between the mirror's reflective surface and the wall which it is mounted on. As a result, it becomes a mirror which follows user's preferred ergonomic stance! Basic activities performed in front of a mirror now become effortless, efficient and precise, setting a new enhanced standard for the daily facial routine.


Al. is a modern type of mirror - it has been equipped with the AXIO-LINK® patented technology that allows users to adapt/control the distance between the mirror's surface and their faces in order to help maintain a correct posture while performing daily facial routines. Thanks to an integrated touch sensor the LED light can be turned on effortlessly at a simple touch of hand.


Color detailing:

frame: brushed aluminium

body:black gloss


Ella. mirror has been designed with a hint of femininity. Delicately styled, yet modern. Pull the mirror frame towards yourself and get maximum comfort for your daily facial routines thanks to the implemented AXIO-LINK® technology that allows you to adjust the distance between your face and the mirror's surface without uncomfortable bending. Swipe your hand over the sensor situated just under the mirror's surface and turn the light on.


Color detailing:

frame: white matte

body: white gloss


Dot. is a modern and functional solution in a minimalist form that shows. The AXIO-LINK® patented technology implemented in this product allows the functional portion of the mirror's surface to adjust itself to the user's posture at a single gesture, with an additional soft LED light turned on while pulling on the moving part- it’s natural and easy. The Dot. mirror embodies all universal design principles. A simple, yet refined form, with the functionality that does not overpower its overall appearance. Dot. mirrors can find their place in any room of your home. For its unique features and design Dot. mirror has been granted the Red Dot Design Award, winner 2014.


Color detailing:

frame: brushed aluminum

body: grey gloss

handle: chrome

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