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We create clever and functional objects for a beautiful, welcoming home.

Miior is an interior oriented company focused on rethinking the ordinary. Through our unique product development approach and high manufacturing standards, we create clever and functional objects for a beautiful, welcoming Home.

The brand was founded by two brothers and entrepreneurs, who decided to take their passion for invention, extensive engineering expertise and solid on-site manufacturing capacity one step further to deliver well designed home-oriented solutions.

With these objectives in mind, miior’s tight knit team have been putting their efforts into exploring everyday rituals from a fresh perspective, looking for opportunities to make them more efficient and exciting at the same time. There are as many ways of looking at things as there are people. Acknowledging this simple fact gave us the chance to come up with fresh solutions for products that so often seem immune to any improvements. Big ideas and barely noticeable, yet revolutionary back-end features – combined to present you with a new quality vision of Home. Made by miior.